Does Coffee Get Rid of Cellulite?

If you are looking for a cellulite home treatment, why not try using coffee? Caffeine is an ingredient in some over-the-counter cellulite creams so why not save money and make your own.


Green coffee extract has been hitting the headlines in recent months due to it’s weight loss benefits but now it seems that our wake-up drink could also be good for the skin.

The natural oils and acids together with it’s caffeine content have been shown to make an effective remedy against cellulite. Cosmetics manufacturers have even started using it in their anti-cellulite products as well as other skin care ranges but is it possible to make your own cellulite treatments at home?

Anti-Cellulite Exfoliating Scrub

Take a hand full of used ground coffee and mix with a few pinches of sea salt. To bind the ingredients together and moisturise the skin, add 2 tablespoons olive oil. Massage the scrub into your skin using a circular motion before rinsing with warm water.

Coffee Body Scrub

To make your cellulite body scrub you need to grind a hand full of whole organic coffee into a fine powder and mix with about twice as much brown sugar. Then mix this powder mixture with sweet almond oil until it forms a paste. You can also add a couple of drops of vanilla extract and and vanilla essential oil.

After being stored in the fridge for at least two weeks, the coffee rub is ready to use. Simply massage in to the skin using circular motions and then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

How does it work?

Poor circulation means that your body cannot get rid of toxins and excess water in the body that can lead to cellulite. When applied to the skin, caffeine acts as a stimulant to increase blood flow throughout the body.


If you don’t fancy the idea of scrubbing yourself with coffee, why not take a look at one of the latest cellulite treatments, Slendex Anti-Cellulite Crackle Mousse. Developed by pharmacists in the UK, it contains 3 active ingredients to remove & prevent the fatty deposits that cause cellulite.

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