LMS Spotlight Review

Spotlight use red light therapy to treat acne

LMS Spotlight have produced a range of three products designed to treat varying degrees of spots or acne with red light. This proven acne treatment makes an ideal alternative to creams that might cause skin irritation.

LMS Spotlight Review Summary

Red light therapy is a safe alternative to acne creams and lotions. LMS produce a range of proven products to treat acne, read our review to find out if they could work for you.
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LMS Spotlight Review

LMS Spotlight use red light therapy to aid the body’s natural healing process in clearing spots and acne. Designed to be used for a few minutes twice a day, they can easily form part of a daily skin care routine.

This new technology can be an expensive way to treat acne but this acne light therapy range are more affordable than most.

Spotlight is made by the UK’s leading supplier of red light therapy products with over 2 million units sold. LMS Spotlights have been developed according to the specifications and standards set by leading experts in Red Light Therapy.

How does LMS Spotlight work?

Some acne light therapy devices use blue light but Spotlight uses red. Red light has been show to have anti-inflammatory effects and is responsible for better healing and increased rate of collagen production.

The effects of red light were originally discovered by NASA who found that it helped plant life. From there it was taken and use for treating scar tissue, burns, skin cancer and acne.

LMS Spotlights use a very specific light wavelength combined with a proven power level and treatment time. This ensures delivery of the optimum level of light to the skin, proven to improve our skins natural healing abilities.

When cells are stressed by a spot, Nitric Oxide levels increase which inhibits the cell’s energy manufacturing process affecting the skin’s natural ability to heal itself. The primary effect of the RLT in LMS Spotlights is to penetrate the skin cells to force out Nitric Oxide and stimulate anti-oxidants. This has been shown to reduce cellular stress and increase cellular energy (ATP) leading to improved healing and repair of the skin in a wide range of medical conditions including spots and acne.

LMS Spotlight Range

All of the products in the Spotlight range work in exactly the same way but they have been made for different skin coverage needs.

Spotlight 3

LMS Spotlight: 3

The smallest in the LMS Spotlight range has been designed to look like a lipstick. It’s compact size makes it ideal for treating individual spots. Powered by a single AAA battery, this acne light pen will last for 50 treatments, each lasting three minutes.

Price: £29.99 £25.99 from Argos Online with FREE delivery

Spotlight 8 Review

LMS Spotlight: 8

Ideal for treating a few spots at a time, the LMS Spotlight 8 has enough red lights to treat 1.6sq cm of skin with every 1 minute application. Just like the other products in this range, it’s designed to blend in with the contents of any cosmetics bag.

Price: £49.99

Spotlight 24 Review

LMS Spotlight: 24

LMS Spotlight 24 is the largest in the range and designed to be used for one minute, three times a day to for treat large areas of spots. The 24 red lights are powered by 4 x AA batteries to treat acne at home.

Price: £69.99 £57.99 from Argos with FREE delivery

LMS Spotlight Benefits

  • natural and safe acne treatment
  • no evidence of any side-effects
  • totally pain free
  • spots can clear in as little as 24 hours
  • LMS Spotlights clinically approved

Bad Points

  • Designed to look like cosmetic products means that they are probably not the first choice for men with acne
  • Batteries not included
  • Can cause temporary redness at the area treated

LMS Spotlight Verdict

Treating acne with red light will not work for everyone. These produts are made to treat mild to moderate acne without the use of drying creams or irritating lotions.

Red light therapy treatment is generally recommended for its anti aging benefits so to find a range of devices using it for acne treatment is unusual. Blue light therapy is the more often used to treat acne since it has been shown to kill the bacteria causing the spots. If you like the idea of using a device like these to treat acne then it’s well worth looking at the more advanced Tanda Light Therapy products.

When using LMS Spotlight to treat acne the most important thing to keep in mind patience and persistence is needed for best results.

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Spotlight use red light therapy to treat acne, 3.4 out of 5 based on 18 ratings Buy LMS Spotlight

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